China Manufacturing Minimise the risk with controlled manufacturing from Ritz Global!

China Manufacturing is a division of Ritz Global Development, a company specializing in the management and control of manufacturing in China. Our company provides efficient contract manufacturing and outsourcing solutions for a wide range of Australian Businesses across multiple industries ensuring that products manufactured overseas are of the highest quality, meet client requirements, are cost effective and are supplied and delivered on time.

For controlled sourcing and manufacturing in Asia, look no further. Contact the most professional Chinese manufacturers on (02) 9188 1866 or submit an enquiry form.

We have a team of dedicated English and Chinese speaking professionals on hand to assist with manufacturing in China. Our Chinese specialists have over a decade of combined experience in sourcing and manufacturing, ensuring your products are made to the highest standard.

Efficient Outsourcing We offer customised solutions for every client. As an experienced Chinese manufacturer, we have a comprehensive product range and specialises in outsourcing.

Our services are designed to suit a range of industries and business requirements. Unlike inexperienced manufacturers, we provide: The product manufacturer and service costs are calculated in the overall price so you are aware of the costs of sourcing and manufacturing upfront. China Manufacturing has project managers on site to manage your entire project. Products manufactured in China undergo stringent quality controls by our QC team to meet requirements for international and Australian standards.

As credible Chinese contract manufacturers, We offer competitive pricing on products and sourcing. Our reliable delivery and industrial services ensure we deliver quality products in a timely manner.
Credible Manufacturers China Manufacturing deals directly with the manufacturers in China, giving you updates throughout the entire project. If you require bulk orders and don’t wish to worry about the product quality and price, we are the partner for you.

Our China team arrange ship products Australia wide and work with your business to achieve simplistic, affordable manufacturing. Our staff has combined experience spanning over a decade and are committed to delivering high quality industry products.

Control Quality on Site

China Manufacturing can fix faults or issues straight away before mass production occurs. Issues can be managed on site and effective communication ensures products are manufactured to the highest standard.

As one of the leading contract manufacturers in China, we recognise the importance of procurement and controlled manufacture. With multiple staff members in international offices, manufacturing in China is cost effective and thoroughly managed.

For quality, cost effective manufacturing in China, call the experienced contract manufacturers on (02) 9188 1866 today!

"We have been working with China Manufacturing (Australia) for many years, we are happy to have hassle free and efficient supply processes provided by China Manufacturing (Australia) and yet receive high quality and cost effective products supplied for every core and non-core category products. Dealing with convenient and reliable Australia office with expertise and resources from their China office enable us to minimize risks associate with product supplies from overseas and enable us to be more competitive and the best in our market."

Anthony, Australian Hardware Wholesaler

     Satisfaction Guarantee
We understand that outsourcing can be the greatest fears of Australian Businesses so we have introduced the Peace of Mind Guarantee, promising a FREE replacement of any bad or defective parts that do not meet the prototype standards.

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     Support Services
China Manufacturing can help source goods directly from China, Overseeing the sourcing, distribution, Quality control and agreements for any industry.