Industries China Manufacturing offers specialised sourcing and manufacturing in China across a wide range of industries. With expertise in China sourcing and manufacture and with a team of dedicated Chinese manufacturers, our company can deliver cost effective manufacturing in China.
Mining Equipment
Mining is an industry that requires specific product and equipment manufacture. China Manufacturing deals with mining businesses to help produce cost effective China sourcing and manufacture.

Many Australian businesses are now looking for environmentally friendly manufacturing in China. Our company offers eco friendly products including solar and energy products and will ship them to any destination throughout Australia.

China Manufacturing creates products on a small and large scale. Our China manufacturers can source and produce hardware products including screws, door fasteners and bolts. If you require hardware, try our China sourcing and manufacture.

Medical and Dental
This industry is one that requires precise manufacturing. Our Chinese manufacturers can source and produce medical chairs, projectors and dental supplies with ease. Whatever supplies you require, obtain higher quality and lower priced options from China Manufacturing.

Building Materials
If you own an Australian building company, consider China Manufacturing for your sourcing and manufacturing requirements. Our company has the expertise to deliver raw materials for construction including frames and individual woods and metals.

Packaging Machinery
China Manufacturing can manufacture the machine to exclusively suit your product. Whether you have it made in one of our two factories or transported to your business for self production, our China manufacturers can create a feasible solution.

Packaging Materials
Packaging a product does not need to be an expensive chore. With China Manufacturing, you can receive manufacturing in China without blowing your company budget. Our company specialises in China sourcing and can manufacture products for a competitive price.

Office Furniture and Supplies
With decades of experience in China sourcing and manufacture, our qualified team can help reduce the costs associated with office furniture and supplies with our manufacturing in China. China Manufacturing has a Chinese manufacturer for any task. Whether you require desks, paper clips or post it notes, we have the expertise to manufacture to a high standard.

Promotional Products
If your business requires products for an event or promotion, China Manufacturing can help. A China manufacturer in our workshops can create any promotional product including items such as sports bottles, key rings or plastic figurines.

If your industry is not listed, please contact China Manufacturing to see if our company has the tools to produce the products or machinery you require. Is your idea cost effective and profitable for your business? Check with our friendly staff at China Manufacturing and find out the answers before manufacturing in China commences.

Metal Casting
Our China manufacturers has the proficiency to deliver major casting processes including Sand Casting, Shell Moulding, Investment Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Die Casting and others which are maintained at high dimensional accuracy, consistency and good surface finish.

Save your manufacturing and sourcing headaches, choose the experienced Chinese manufacturer and have your products shipped today. Contact China Manufacturing on (02) 9188 1866 or submit an enquiry form .