How It Works
  • The Process - 3 steps to reducing business costs and improving profitability
  • Common Problems - Understand the issues that most business face
  • Benefits - How Manufacturing - Can help your business gain maximum benefit
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee - Dedicated accountable experienced, guaranteed quality
Partnering with China Manufacturing can significantly improve your business profits by reducing costs and giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace with superior manufacturing in China.

China sourcing and manufacture is not for every business, but could be the right solution for established manufacturers, distributors or service firms. Working with our Chinese manufacturers, your business can cut costs, save valuable time and receive quality products tailored to individual requirements.

As trusted Chinese contract manufacturers, China Manufacturing has assisted countless Australian businesses with sourcing and manufacturing in China. Below is an outline of the process our Chinese specialists undertake and how manufacturing in China works to improve Australian business production.

For controlled sourcing and manufacturing in China, look no further than China Manufacturing. Contact the most proffessional Chinese manufacturers on (02) 9188 1866 or submit an enquiry form.

The Process


Understand Client's Requirement

China Manufacturing (Australia) studies and understands client's business needs and requirements of current or new product.

Define Standards & Requirements

Comprehensive understanding ensures finished product will meet quality standard and requirement of the client.

Manufacturers' Identification

Extensive market research is conducted to identify the most appropriate manufacturer. Standards from agreed criterion are used to request, analyse and evaluate the manufacturers' proposals and determine if requirements are matched.

Quotation Provided

China Manufacturing (Australia) prepares with us selected manufacturer that can best partner to produce product at required standards with an all-inclusive quotation. As there are no concealed costs, clients can easily evaluate the feasibility of the project.

Specification Finalisation

Specification finalised based on agreed criterion with client

Sample Processing

Prototype is manufactured under close supervision from quality control team and factory engineers.

Client Review

Applicable samples are delivered to client for inspection and approval.

Order Process

Agreement signed and order proceed


Production commenced based on the agreed specification and standards

Quality Control

Ongoing communication and inspection between manufacturers and quality control staff ensures that products meet agreed specification and are completed on time.

Product Packaging

Product is packaged according to clients' requirements. Logistics team ensures products are safely packed and minimise possible damage

Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is conducted. Samples are randomly selected based on AQL standards and verified according to specification and purchase order.

Consolidated Shipment

Products are consolidated and shipment (land, sea or air) is organized with freight and logistics providers that best suits budget and time constraints.

Shipment & Delivery

Product is delivered to clients, destination

Client Satisfaction

Our Client's Satisfaction is priority and our team ensures goals are achieved and alterations are implemented and satisfied with appropriate resolutions.
Common Problems that Australian Businesses Face

1) Unobtainable access to the credible overseas manufacturing industry or supply market

2) They do not understand the supplying market thoroughly

3) They have limited resources and connections with overseas manufacturers

4) They cannot verify the supplier effectively

5) Time consuming sourcing process

6) They have sourcing and supply issues from not being able to update manufacturers or suppliers

7) The culture and language difference causes a communication barrier

8) Issues arise or the details needed can't be managed promptly and properly due to long distance

9) Communication inefficiency is caused due to the different time zone

10) Skilled procurement staff retained in house are costly for sourcing process

11) Risk assessment can't be identified and monitored promptly

12) Product quality can't be assured before products are shipped out from the factory

13) Shipment consolidation can be a costly process

14) Wasted business resource due to timely logistic arrangement and document management by skilled procurement staff
How China Manufacturing Can Help China Manufacturing offers strategic China sourcing, procurement and contract manufacturing services of high standard. These services will have many benefits for Australian businesses. Below is an outline of how China Manufacturing can help and how our services work.

1) Reduced cost
  • Established purchasing power by dealing with multiple manufacturers directly in China, covering a wide range of different industries
  • Pre-qualified manufacturers
  • Utilise Chinese specialist resources, connection, skills and experience
  • Our Chinese manufacturing and sourcing specialists work on the ground in China
  • Easy access to different industry zones across the country
  • Multiple supplier comparison, evaluation and selection
  • Specialist negotiation to obtain the best deal possible without compromised product quality
  • Our strategic sourcing saves time and resources of skilled procurement staff in house in Australia
  • Our manufacturing in China is cost effective as we team with the most suitable manufacturer/s for your company.
  • Outsourcing noncore business process to cut down operation and personnel cost in house in Australia
2) Quality control
  • Systemized quality control process
  • On site verification and inspection whenever needed
  • Product details and specification communicated by native Chinese language
  • Issues managed promptly as they arise in China
  • Product sample quality and standard are verified before delivery to overseas for final approval
3) Improved efficiency
  • Existing pre-qualified supplier list
  • Broad connection and networking, knowledge and experience of the Chinese manufacturing industry
  • Easy access to Chinese manufacturing industry
  • Our Chinese specialists deal with complexity of culture and language
  • Streamlined product development process
  • Product sample quality and standard are verified before delivery to overseas for final approval
  • Monitor completion time during each stage
  • Well managed consolidation and delivery on time
4) Minimised risks
  • Manufacturers verification by Chinese team
  • On site inspection whenever needed
  • Systemized quality control process conducted on the spot
  • Issues managed as they arise by Chinese team working on site
  • Effective native Chinese language communication
5) Increased profit
  • Reduced cost will be added to the bottom line of profit
  • CEO or domain experts save a significant amount of time and can focus on core business
  • Stay ahead of competitor to gain more market share
To obtain the most advanced and cost effective manufacturing in China, contact the leading Chinese contract manufacturers today. Call China Manufacturing on (02) 9188 1866 or submit an enquiry form.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

China Manufacturing (Australia) is one of the first China contract manufacturing companies in Australia to introduce a Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Directly importing from China may sound attractive until you find out how expensive it is to repeatedly go to China to sort out the problems that usually arise.

Clients that have previously tried to 'do it themselves' are actually our most loyal clients, because they know the value of the peace of mind we deliver.

China Manufacturing (Australia) is dedicated in taking responsibility in each step towards delivering you quality products.

Our experienced bilingual project managers stay continually on top of your project and make sure communication is perfect. Each project is continually monitored by our onsite specialist

We guarantee if the products we provide do not meet the prototype standards we developed for you; we will provide a FREE replacement of defective parts. (Conditions apply)