Services China Manufacturing specialises in China sourcing and product manufacture. Our services are designed to give Australian businesses cost effective and efficient manufacturing in China, whatever your industry. Our company has China manufacturers on board in Australia and China to help your business avoid unnecessary issues.

China Manufacturing is committed to quality manufacturing in China to ensure your business cuts production costs, reduces risks associated with unreliable Chinese manufacturers, avoids problems with supplier selection, takes advantages of innovative product designs and effectively manages China sourcing and manufacturing.

For an experienced Chinese contract manufacturer for your Australian Business, call (02) 9188 1866 today.

Sourcing Reputable Suppliers in China Our company is one of the leading Chinese contract manufacturers, specialising in China sourcing and manufacture. China manufacturing aims to become the most experienced company in China procurement and thoroughly manages, evaluates and identifies suppliers and manufacturing in China.

Through our extensive China sourcing, quality Chinese manufacturers are identified and evaluated. . You can take advantage of China Manufacturing's resources and obtain your own purchasing division or representative or you can choose to operate your business independently

China Manufacturing will:
  • Identify, evaluate and qualify appropriate manufacturers and suppliers
  • Study and analyse sourcing requirements
  • Request and evaluate proposals from potential suppliers
  • Provide product specifications, details and pictures if required
  • Arrange shipment of samples
  • Provide a product quote for manufacturing in China
Supply Chain Management

We have a one-stop manufacturing solution. From Chinese supplier identification to product manufacture and shipment- we organise it all. With experienced sourcing methods, quality manufacturing in China and fast delivery, your business will cut costs and minimise the risk of unqualified Chinese suppliers. Our suppliers in China are monitored and controlled to ensure each project runs in an efficient manner.